Repeater SIG

This is PGARC's most active special interest group. They maintain about 15 mountain-top repeaters in the Prince George area and as far as a 4-hour drive from PG (where there no one to do the work). All the PGARC sites have backup power and many have APRS equipment.

Digital SIG

The digital SIG was reactivated in 2019 to install and maintain the new digital intranet system that will eventually be connected to the BCWARN system. Although this SIG works closely with the repeater SIG, a very different skill set is required so separating the two jobs seemed appropriate.

Public Safety SIG

All club members with an EMBC Volunteer ID card are members of this group and others are welcome. This special interest group is in charge of the club's communication trailer. They provide emergency radio communication to support the Emergency management BC and their volunteer groups as well as the municipal governments EOC's (Emergency Operation Centres) in the region.

Community Events

Although not a SIG, the Prince George Amateur Radio Club participates in community events such as traffic control for parades and walks and special events such as the 2008 BC Senior Games.

SIG Leader Job Descriptions

The SIG leaders are managers. They are responsible for the organization and supervision of the group and ensuring that the work gets done, not for doing the work. They are responsible to the board of directors and ultimately, the membership. They should not be one of the primary technical persons in the group.

Job functions:

- Chair SIG meetings
- Give reports to the board or at general meetings as appropriate
- Coordinate work to minimize travel costs
- Coordinate work with the other SIG leaders to minimize costs
- Submit an annual budget to the board
- Submit recommendations for future projects to the board
- Keep the work to be done list current and share it with the board
- Arrange for the work to be completed

Skill Set:

- Good organization abilities
- Financial responsibility
- Work well with others