We are an active and diverse group of men and women who enjoy our high-tech hobby, helping during emergencies, helping with community events, working together, and playing together. We always have something on the go and a list of things to do when we get the time and the money. You don't have to be a high-tech specialist to join our team. To keep up with us, you should participate in the Sunday morning 2M net and attend our monthly meetings. SIG (Special Interest Group) meetings are often held following our Saturday morning coffee/breakfast/brunch gatherings. That is where the details are usually worked out.

Community Events

These are usually short duration events that pop up at irregular intervals. They are announced on the Sunday net and on the events page. Information about past events is often posted on our news page. Some of the community events that we have helped with in the past include the following:  Assisting Search And Rescue, Elks May Day Parade, BC Senior Games, BC Summer Games, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Prince George Exhibition (PGX), Forestry Exhibition, Santa Clause Parade, Scouts & Cubs, Mothers & Daughters Walk for Breast Cancer, PG Air Show, and a few others that I can't remember.

Major Projects

Emergency Data Network
We have partnered with Northern Health, local government EOCs, and Emergency Management BC to provide radio (voice) communication for them and to build a data network which will be shared with them during emergencies or disasters. The emergency data network is an intranet (private Internet) to provide digital communication when the regular systems fail. The data network uses 5GHz microwave radio. Bringing this project on line is our primary objective for 2020.

This network will also enable remote equipment diagnostics, maintenance, and control of our repeater sites. There are redundant gateways to the Internet for e-mail to clients outside the private system and servers within the system will keep us operating when outside access fails.

When not needed for emergency communication, the data on the network will be APRS data, alarm reporting, remote maintenance, VOIP, and SCADA, (Sense, Control, And Data Acquisition). This is a fun project for those with computer networking skills. The intent is to connect our system to the BCWARN project that similar in nature but is building from the lower main land outwards.

Emergency Communication Trailer
 Our emergency communication trailer has been in use for over a decade. However the upgrades and improvements to enhance our capabilities are ongoing. We have added a PBX (Private Branch Exchange) so now when we are co-located with SAR or an EOC, we have telephone service between our communication trailer and their facility. We have recently added a cell booster and satellite Internet to our capabilities. There is a long wish list just for the trailer! For more information click on the title above.

Repeater Site Upgrades
This is a never ending project to continuously maintain and upgrade our 19 mountain top repeater sites. In addition to the on site batteries, we are adding solar and generator to some of our sites.