Prince George - British Columbia


1. Name:
The name of the society is Prince George Amateur Radio Club here in after called the club.

2. Purpose of the society:
(a) To afford to its members all the usual privileges, advantages, and accommodation of an Amateur Radio club;
(b) To promote Amateur Radio in all its forms;
(c) To provide, operate, and maintain facilities for Amateur Radio for the use of its members and others;
(d) To seek to receive, acquire, and hold gifts, donations, grants, legacies, and devices;
(e) To assume the assets, and liabilities of the Fort George Amateur Radio Club and the Radio Experimental Society.

3. Dissolution:
Upon dissolution of the club and after payment of all debts and liabilities, the remaining club property shall be sold and the proceeds donated to the Salvation Army. This provision may be altered by a special resolution.

4. Bylaws:
Here set forth in numbered clauses, the bylaws providing for the matters referred to in section 6 (1) of the Society Act and any other bylaws.

(a) Members of the club shall be persons and bodies corporate engaged in or interested in the art and science of Amateur Radio and who have paid the annual fee and/or any other required for the then current fiscal year.
(b) A person may apply to the directors for membership in the society and on acceptance by the directors shall be a member
(c) The board of directors may, by written notice, terminate or suspend the membership of any person who acts contrary to the rules and bylaws of the club or who fails to support the objectives as laid out in the constitution. Except to the parties concerned, the board need not give any explanation for the termination of a membership. The board need not return fees for the then current membership year.
(d) Any member who desires to withdraw from membership in the club may notify the board of directors in writing to that effect and on receipt by the board of directors of such notice the member shall cease to be a member.
(e) Any member who resigns, withdraws or is expelled from the club shall forthwith forfeit all right, claim and interest arising from or associated with membership in the club.
(f) The annual fees, other fees, and their method of payment shall be determined by the general membership from time to time.
(g) All members to be in good standing must be no more than 30 days in arrears in payment of any fees beyond the time stipulated by the board of directors.
(h) Special Interest Groups, hereafter called SIGs, may be formed or dissolved at any time by a minimum of four voting members of the club. Formation of a SIG shall be approved by the club membership at a meeting of the club. Any number of SIGs may be formed and a member may participate in as many SIGs as they wish
(i) The SIGs shall reflect the different interests and activities of the members of the club within the guidelines established by Purpose of the Society.
(j) Each SIG shall select a spokesperson who is responsible for reporting to the club.
(k) SIGs may hold workshops and / or meetings at times and as frequently as each SIG may determine.

The fiscal year of the club shall end on the 31st day of December each year unless otherwise determined by a resolution of the board of directors.

(a) The annual general meeting and election of the board of directors shall be called during the month of January each year, upon a time and date set by the board of directors.
(b) Meetings may be held from time to time as may be required, of which due notice shall be given.
(c) If 10% of the eligible voting members of the club shall, in writing, request the calling of an extraordinary general meeting, specifying therein the object for which the meeting is called, the board of directors must call such a meeting forthwith with at least fourteen (14) days notice being given to all members.
(d) A member in good standing present at a meeting of the members is entitled to one vote. Voting by proxy is not permitted.
(e) A corporate member may vote by its authorized representative, who is entitled to speak and vote, and in all other respects exercise the rights of a member, and that representative shall be reckoned as a member for all purposes with respect to a meeting of the society.
(f) Voting shall be by show of hands, except when the president directs that a secret ballot be taken.

(a) The business and affairs of the club shall be under the control and general direction of the Board of Directors.
(b) The Board of Directors shall consist of five (5) persons: the President; the Vice President; the Secretary; the Treasurer; and the immediate Past President.
(c) The board of directors shall be elected at the annual general meeting. No director except the immediate past president, shall serve more than two (2) consecutive years.
(d) Directors of the club shall receive no remuneration except by special resolution.
(e) If a vacancy occurs on the board of directors, the board may appoint a member to fill the vacancy until the next annual general meeting.
(f) In the case of an equality of votes, the chairman shall cast the deciding vote, this being the only vote the chairman shall have..
(g) At least fourteen (14) days notice shall be given to members prior to the annual general meeting.
(h) Ten (10) voting members in good standing and present in person shall form a quorum at a meeting or any adjournment thereof. In the event that ten voting members are not present at the time given in the notice of the meeting, the meeting shall stand adjourned for fifteen (15) minutes after which the voting members present will constitute a quorum.
(i) The club may by special resolution, remove any director before the expiration of their period in office, and may elect another member in their stead


It shall be the duty of the president to call all meetings and to preside at all meetings of the membership and/or of the board of directors: to cast their vote only in the event of a tie; to sign all contracts and obligations of the club, together with the Secretary, and only with the knowledge and approval of a majority of the board of directors; to supervise the duties of all other officers of the club; to appoint all committees except the auditing committees; to serve as a member ex-officio of all committees they may appoint; to approve all expenditures; and to exercise such power and to perform such duties as are customarily vested in the President. VICE PRESIDENT:
In the event of the Presidents' absence, or inability to act or preside; it shall be the duty of the Vice President to perform the duties of the President.

It shall be the duty of the secretary to record minutes of all regular and special meetings of the membership and of the board of directors; to conduct all club correspondence; to notify members of meetings and other club events; to sign all contracts and obligations of the club together with the President and to receive and file copies of correspondence, reports of officers and committees; to appoint an assistant when necessary. The secretary shall also perform such other duties as may from time to time be determined by the Board of Directors.

It shall be the duty of the treasurer to keep full and accurate account of all receipts and disbursements of the club in proper books of account and shall deposit all moneys or other valuable effects in the name and credit of the club in such bank as may be designated by the board of directors. The Treasurer shall disburse the funds of the club under the direction of the board of directors, taking proper vouchers thereof and shall render to the Board of Directors at regular meetings or whenever required of them, an account of their transactions as Treasurer, and of the financial position of the club. The Treasurer shall present a budget annually to the Board of Directors. The Treasurer shall sign all contracts and obligations of the club together with the President and Secretary. The Treasurer shall also perform such other duties as may from time to time be determined by the Board of Directors.

(a) For the purpose of carrying out the objectives of the club, the directors may borrow, raise, or secure payment of money in such manner as they see fit, and in particular by the issue of debentures; provided debentures shall not be issued without the sanction of a special resolution of the club.
(b) All books, accounts and records of the club shall be open for inspection by the club at all reasonable times.
(c) The accounts of the club shall as soon as is practical after the end of each fiscal year be examined and their correctness ascertained by one or more auditors who shall be appointed annually at the general meeting.
(d) All cheques written on the club account must be double signed by any two of the three signing officers designated by the Board of Directors
(e) SIGs may make proposals to implement and finance projects in a manner and at times determined by the executive.

The directors shall provide for the safe custody of the common seal of the club which shall not be affixed to any instrument except in the presence of:
(a) The President and one director
(b) Any one or more of the directors of the club as may be authorized from time to time by resolution of the Board of Directors.

Each member shall give his or her address to the Secretary, and immediately notify the Secretary of any change. Failure to do so shall be deemed to constitute a waiver of any club notice called under bylaw # 3 (c) and bylaw # 9.

These bylaws or any part there of may be repealed or amended, or new bylaws adopted at any general meeting provided a special resolution is passed by a 75% vote of all members present, and provided that the entire voting membership is notified in writing at least fourteen (14) days in advance that such proposed resolution is to be voted on at the meeting.

Dated at Prince George, BC this __________ day of _____________ AD 1996